Sunday, 21 August 2016

Subscription Box Review: T-Surprise

What is T-Surprise?

T- Surprise is a monthly subscription box that promises to help you discover 4-5 different varieties of teas from around the world. The box also includes snacks and tea accessories.

How Much is T-Surprise?
It costs $25 (CDN) a month for subscription month.

T-Surprise August 2016 Review
The box was delivered within another box, so everything was shipped in perfection condition. The box is more petite than most subscription boxes that I had received, which is great if you are short on space.

The box included two lemon ginger energy bites. They are gluten-free, vegan and paleo- which is another score for me since I usually can't eat the delicious snacks included in subscription boxes. It can be difficult finding snacks that I can take with me on the go, so I am glad T-Surprised introduced me to a Canadian company that makes cleaner snacks!
A small sample of sea-buckhorn tea. The bag doesn't include information about the tea, but a list of information was included within the box. The write about this tea includes both its health benefits and history. After reading the health benefits of sea buckthorn, I am very interested to try it and see if i can benefit from its cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits.
A sample of matcha. Again, the bag doesn't include much information but the piece of paper included in the box does give you a recipe to make a match frosted cocktail (and yes, it sounds delicious.)
There isn't much information available on this bag of tea, and because T-Suprise appears to be a Quebec based company, a lot of what is available is in French. This tea does not appear to be in the list that came in the box. There is another tea on the list that appears to be missing in the box. Perhaps I got the wrong sample of tea?

Edit: upon further investigation it appears that branding for the tea in question does not match the one on the list, but the description of it is correct.
Here is a picture of the list that included more information about the tea, along with two ready to steep bags of tea.

The bags of the tea on the list do not match how the two pictured look. I could tell them apart because I worked at a few tea stores throughout university, but I wonder if this would be harder for someone who is newer to drinking loose leaf tea?

The list includes information on how to steep the two bags of tea, both of which are to be made iced. Having the tea pre-measured and in a bag ready to steep makes it easier to make the perfect picture of iced tea.
This month's T-Surprise box also included a mini matcha whisk, a coupon for Cook It (that is entirely in French,) and a little card to help you guide on how to brew various kinds of tea.

Over All Thoughts
T-Surprise is a good value for all the little goodies that your receive. Some of the samples of tea were quite generous as well. There was also a different variety of tea within the box, which makes it appealing to anyone who is looking to try anything new, or is new to loose leaf tea. The iced teas smell delicious, and I was happily surprised to have received a snack (that is made in Canada!) that I could actually eat.

It should be noted that you would need something to steep loose leaf tea in to enjoy most of the teas in this box. Loose leaf tea is higher quality than bag tea, so this a worthwhile investment anyways! (Once you try loose leaf you can't go back to bagged tea, trust me.)

It would be nice to have more information directly available on the packages of tea.  Having the ingredients listed right on the bag could also help anyone with allergies, or restrictions due to medications feel safer while enjoying their tea. It may also be a good idea to include the website to the tea company right on the bag in case anyone enjoys it so much that they would like to purchase more.

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