Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Subscription Box Review: Be Brave Box

This is my first subscription box review. I hope to do more in the future, and can hopefully have a give away at some point. I decided that I wanted to start reviewing subscription boxes because they seem like a great idea for people with chronic illness. When I was diagnosed with PH I was sent so many lovely flowers. Unfortunately, I had to throw out of the beautiful flowers that my friends and family sent me. As someone with a lung condition, it didn't seem like a good idea to have flowers. I felt so terrible because I knew that people who cared about sent me those flowers to let me know that they were thinking of me. Even worse, I know that they spent a lot of money on me. (I used to work at a flower shop and know how expensive arrangements can be.) I think that subscription boxes can be a great alternative to gift to someone with a chronic illness, or to treat yourself to. My best friend Melissa got me a 3 month subscription box for my birthday and I absolutely love getting a surprise each month! (Thanks Mel!)

Be Brave Box Review

Taylor, the founder of Be Brave Box
The Be Brave Box is a bi-monthly Canadian subscription box. It is a subscription box that is aimed towards people with chronic illnesses in the hopes of brightening their day. The box is said to be filled with about 5 surprise items that surround the overall theme of Be Brave Box.

Unlike other subscription boxes, the Be Brave Box was started by a 16 year old named Taylor and her father. Taylor has a rare and genetic form of Chronic Kidney disease, and was diagnosed in November 2011. She received a kidney transplant in August 11th, 2015 from her father. After her transplant she was house bound for 6 weeks because her immune system was suppressed. During this time she brain stormed the idea of the Be Brave Box. Needless to say, this box is created for people with chronic illness by someone who understands what it is like to have a chronic illness. Taylor knows what it is like to be in a hospital for days or weeks,  and the hassle of going to constant appointments, and the waiting that is involved for every appointment and medical procedure.

Taylor has stated on the Be Brave Box website that "There are always going to be good days and bad. I want Be Brave Box to be another good part of life because we just need more good in our lives."

Products received in box:

- Postcards: Three post cards made by a Canadian artist. Unfortunately, the artist is not named so I cannot credit them.
- Bracelet: Be Brave Bracelet made by Magic Mixes. The bracelet incorporates ancient Chinese symptoms that are believed to bring good luck, healthy, and protection to the wearer. The bracelet also contains Blue Howlite beads which are believed to be calming, and to help provide strengthening energies.
- Tea and Honey: Three sticks of honey, and three bags of Stash tea in pomegranate raspberry green tea, chamomile, and licorice spice.
- Bottle Cap Key Chain: made by a young lady whose daughter has Blouts disease. She creates bottle cap key chains to raise awareness for Blouts disease and other rare diseases.
- Lip Balm: Natural gingerbread scented lip balm made by HappyBeeLipBalm on Etsy.

Packaging: received in an oversized envelop sent through Canada Post. Items wrapped in red tissue paper with confetti sparkles. Personalized Be Brave Box sticker held items in tissue paper. Came with a product overview of what was in box, along with a welcome postcard from Taylor.

- Canadian: $21 CDN for a one month subscription, shipping included. 
- International: $29 CDN for a one month subscription, shipping included. 

Over all thoughts:

The items in the Be Brave Box that I recieved
I think that the Be Brave Box is an awesome idea, and something that is needed within the chronic illness community. I admire Taylor for being so young and so ambitious along with all of the other obstacles that she faces. (I'd also like to mention that her website looks very professional!)  The packaging looked very pleasing, along with the card that detailed the items in the box. I like that this box is made by someone who understands what having a chronic illness can entail.

My favorite products are the bracelet (because of its positive message,) the honey sticks and the lip balm (it smells amazing and goes on light but offers a creamy moisturizer to the lips.) I really enjoyed that a lot of the products were made by independent people. As someone with a rare disease, I also appreciated that I got to learn about another rare disease through the key chain. I could see a lot of my other friends with chronic illnesses enjoying these items as much as I do.

I send a lot of postcards and letters to some special friends that I have made online who also have PH. The postcards contain some encouraging words, so they will be great to send out to any of my friends who are having a challenging time. The post-cards have no formatting on the blank side, and the Canadian artist is unnamed. As someone who went to art school, I really wish that I could credit the artist. I like that this box will encourage other people with chronic illnesses to send old fashioned letters. I have made a few pen pals through this experience with PH and I absolutely love moving away from technology, and sending some good old snail mail.

I believe I received one of the first Be Brave Boxes as it only launched in the new year, and is offered on a bi-monthly basis. Overall, I really enjoy the message and the theme behind this subscription box. The fact that it was created by a 16 year old is even more impressive. I thought that the items in the box fit the overall theme and message that Taylor was trying to convey, and I could see this box bringing a smile to someone's face.

Many people with chronic illnesses gear themselves towards more natural products after diagnosis. I thought that the fact that the box contained honey, and a natural lip balm along with a bracelet that contained a back message about a Chinese symbol for strength was very well thought of, and something that other people with chronic illness could enjoy and feel safer using. I would have liked to see organic loose leaf tea instead of Stash tea, although this might reflect more poorly on me than the actual box. I am a bit of a tea snob, but once you have loose leaf tea there is no turning back!

I know I got excited when I received it in the mail (it shipped fairly quickly as well.) I think that the Be Brave Box has a lot of potential, and I can see it growing in the near future. Thank you for letting me review the Be Brave Box, Taylor! It was an honour to speak to such an inspiring, young business woman!

To learn more about Taylor and the Be Brave Box please visit and follow the sites below:


*If you would like me to review your product or subscription box please contact me at phightagainstph@gmai.com


  1. I've subscribed to a lot of boxes before. Makeup/beauty products, stationary (you might like) and tea boxes (you might like even more!). Now I have a lot of junk laying around. lol

    1. It sounds like I would enjoy all of those!

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