Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Countdown is On!

Wow! Thank you everyone for the interest in The PHight or Flight Project. I cannot believe the amount of interest it has gained in five days! Since Sunday The PHight or Flight Project has had over 800 page views from all over the world! Today The PHight or Flight Project has had nearly 200 page views thanks to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association's support on Facebook. I have also managed to raise over $700 for PHA and PH research thanks to the generous donation of readers.

Needles to say I have been very busy connecting with other PHer's who have an inspiring journey to share. Yesterday I went out and bought a keyboard for my tablet so now I can work from outside. The picture above is of me working at my new office, the deck- and yes, I am wearing a hideous tropical print shirt. I recommend working outside to anyone who can! If you can't work outside, at least enjoy a cup of coffee or tea outside a few times a week. Since diagnosis I have been a little home bound because of the giant oxygen tanks that are not fun to lug around. To cope, I went out and bought a bird feeder. I have always loved nature and animals, and my parents have an amazing backyard! The bird feeder has attracted a family of ducks, a raccoon, a skunk, a chipmunk we have named Rocket and lots of other animals that don't belong in a bird feeder. The less an animal belongs in the 'burbs, the more exciting!

Tomorrow is The PHight or Flight Project's first PHighter Friday. For those of you who don't know, on Fridays I will be posting an inspiring PH journey of hope on every Friday that I have a PH journey to share! Good news, so far I have four PHighter Friday journeys finished and waiting to be posted. You won't want to miss tomorrow's PHighter Friday. We will be hearing from a young lady who has had PH for 11 years and is on oral and inhaled medications. She says she is doing better than ever! She is very active, and has a very physically demanding job.

When I was first diagnosed (a little over 5 months ago) my dad showed me this video. I wanted to share it with all of you to get ready for our first PHighter Friday, which will be posted at 9:00 EDT am tomorrow.

In the above video clip Donna Head discusses what Pulmonary Hypertension is, and talks about her life after more than two decades after her diagnosis. She was originally told she had two years to live and would need a lung transplant. Donna discuses what medications she has used through out the years. At the time of filming, Donna remained stable on oral and inhaled medication. Donna does not call her PH a terminal disease, but calls it a "problem."

* If you have an inspirational PH journey that you would like to share to help provide hope to those who are newly diagnosed, please contact me at More information about sharing your PH journey for a #PHighterFriday can be found under the Share Your PH Journey/Contact tab.

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