Wednesday, 10 September 2014

#PHighter Shirts

Thank you to everyone who purchased a #PHighter t-shirt. The campaign is ended and hopefully you will be receiving your shirt soon! We helped raise over $250 USD which I will be donating to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Canada.

Because of the positive response I have decided to sell #PHighter shirts for the winter. The shirts read #PHighter, come in the grey, with purple writing. Below is an example of a the long-sleeve tea that is for sale.  The price for one sweatshirt/long sleeve shirt is $22 USD. If I don't reach the goal of selling 10 of these shirts in 21 days none of the t-shirt sales will go through, and no shirts will be sold (if you reserved a shirt you will not be charged.) If I reach the goal of selling 21 shirts in 21 days and you reserved a shirt, you will be charged for it after the deadline to sell shirts has been reach. To reserve a shirt and to learn more about where I will be donating the profits to, please visit


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