Tuesday, 19 August 2014

#PHighter T-shirts

To help raise awareness for pulmonary hypertension and to help raise funds for Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Canada I have created #PHighter t-shirts. The way that it works is that I have 21 days to sell 21 t-shirts. I decided not to start small because I am not sure how many people would be interested in purchasing a shirt. (Having PH or being a caregiver to someone with PH is fairly expensive after all!) However, it is a purchase that you can feel good about because you know it is going to help support PHA Canada.

The shirts read #PHighter, come in the colour purple, and can be purchased in a premium unisex size or a girl size. Below is an example of a premium sized shirt. Please note that the shade of purple between a girly fit and premium shirt (which is unisex) are slightly different from one another. The prices range from $17-$18 USD. If I don't reach the goal of selling 21 of these shirts in 21 days none of the t-shirt sales will go through, and no shirts will be sold (if you reserved a shirt you will not be charged.) If I reach the goal of selling 21 shirts in 21 days and you reserved a shirt, you will be charged for it after the deadline (September 8th 2014) to sell shirts has been reach. To reserve a shirt and to learn more about where I will be donating the profits to, please visit PHight Against PH.http://teespring.com/PHightAgainstPH

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