Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Motivational Pick-me Up

Today I had a pulmonary function test that did not go the way I wanted it to. I feel discouraged because I felt I was showing huge improvement. I know that I was. It is confusing to know how I feel and what I am capable of and have some test tell me differently. Yesterday it seemed like getting off of supplementary oxygen was in sight, and now because of that test I feel differently.

I have always struggled with this test, some of you might know it as the "blow test." Even as a child I was incapable of having good results- despite being pretty close to "normal" and "healthy."

I decided to have some retail therapy, and eat french macarons (don't tell my naturopath.) Those treats are nice, but they only help me feel good for so long. Only I can dig myself out of this pit. I will let myself feel sad, but I will pick myself back up. I will work out more tonight, continue with my breathing exercises and repeat positive mantras to myself. Tomorrow is another day to do better. I have a visit tomorrow with a local breathing specialist to go over the results. Hopefully he will be able to give me better insight and perhaps more information that I want to hear (and that makes sense with my progress.)

For anyone else who could use a little pick-me up; here are some inspiring and motivational pieces from a 25 Piece Collaboration by Noel Shiveley & Bethany Conner. All photography is by Bethany Conner and all lettering is by Noel Shiveley. More of the 25 Piece Series can be found here. One of my favorite pieces is the one that says "NEVER GIVE UP BECAUSE SOMEONE DOUBTS YOUR ABILITY." 

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