Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Subscription Box Review: calmbox Review

What is calmbox?

calmbox is a monthly subscription box including several different items to help promote mindfulness, unwinding and finding the calm within everyday life. Items range from music, tea, candles, natural products, motivational items and and inspiring books. The theme for August's calmbox is "calm summer evenings." A portion of proceeds from every box is donated to charity. This month a portion was donated to charity: water.

How Much Does it Cost?

calmbox costs $35 USD, plus free shipping for one month's subscription. However, first timers to calmbox can enter the code "CALM" during their checkout to receive $5 dollars off their first purchase.

calmbox August 2016 Review

The calmbox arrived quickly, and all items were received in perfect condition. The shipping box is quite lovely, and has lots of little details. The inside of the lip of the box says "breathe" with a heart, which I found very fitting for someone with pulmonary hypertension. The other outside edges of the box contain calmbox's social media platforms, along with a quote by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh about drinking tea in a mindful way. It was at this moment I knew that calmbox would be my favorite subscription box that I have reviewed.

I like that calmbox helps promote inner peacefulness, but is also conscious on a more global level. Knowing that part of their proceeds goes back to a charity is a really nice idea (its like two gifts in one!) Their boxes are also packed using eco-friendly materials.

The calmbox included an array of goodies to help one achieve calmness. It also came with a write up about each item, the charity that a portion of the proceeds were sent to, and the months theme.

One of the first items I noticed was "Everyday Positive Thinking" by Louise Hay and friends. I actually purchased this little book a couple of months and read a motivational quote each morning to try and start my day on a positive note! This book is definitely a good choice for the calmbox. I think reading a quote while enjoying a some of the Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea by Yogi included in the box would make for a really nice way to start the day!

I also noticed a tin of Sencha Green Tea Mints in Cherry Blossom Flavor. I used to work at a Canadian Tea store that sold these mints and they are seriously delicious. I thought they were no longer available, so I was very pleased to receive a tin my favorite flavor! The mints are gluten-free, vegan, and non-gmo. They are also sweetened with stevia instead of sugar, making it a mint that could be enjoyable for many people with diet restrictions, such as myself.

The box also contained the perfect items to meditate and calm your mind with. The calmbox included a box of Triloka Heart Chakra Incense Cones. (The heart chakra is located in the centre of the chest, and deals with the circulatory system, heart, lungs and chest area. Again, very fitting for someone with pulmonary hypertension!) The calmbox also included a small amethyst stone, with a little fact sheet about the beliefs and uses of the stone.

Another great item that was included in the August calmbox is 10 ml of CHILL essential oil blend by Frisky Fish. The small roll on is a mixture of lavender and peppermint- the perfect blend to help soothe you down. I usually roll my eyes when people talk about how great how essential oils, but I now see the light. I used the CHILL roll on when I had a terrible head cold and it helped clear out my sinuses! I am also wearing a little on my temples right now to help me relax.

Last but not least the box contained a bar of Tom's of Maine Relaxing Beauty Bar, which I am looking forward to trying because it smells amazing. (I love the smell of lavender, it is so calming and it reminds me of my grandmother who I miss.) The bar is made with calming lavender and botanical oils, vitamin E and olive oil to help relax you while keeping your skin moisturized.

Overall Thoughts

I would strongly recommend calmbox to anyone who likes to meditate, or is hoping to become more mindful and would like to promote calmness within their life. The box seems like good value for what you receive, and knowing that part of your purchase goes to a charity certainly helps you feel like you are also giving back to someone else. All the items are carefully picked. calmbox did a great job thinking about items that would be pretty user friendly to people with diet restrictions, along with picking items that made out of organic ingredients. I have reviewed several subscription boxes now, and based on my interests and lifestyle, calmbox contained the most items that I would actually use, and would be excited about using.


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